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Siberian Goose Down

Siberian Goose Down

With a composition of over 95% Down, the Siberian Goose Down quilt is our most luxurious quilt yet. The large and lofty clusters of pure down offer exceptional insulation. A hotel quality quilt made exclusively from Class A down from certified farms.

Best for - colder sleepers and winter.


White Goose Down

Experience hotel luxury at home with our White Goose Down Quilt, made exclusively with 85% Class A down and 15% feather from certified farms. These natural duvets are made with boxed wall construction, to allow for even distribution and preventing cold spots! 

Best for - colder sleepers and seasons


Supreme Soft

Our softest range yet, supreme soft is made with our unique Microsofty fibre fill, giving a supreme soft touch with the cloud-like caress of the fluffiest down. With a GSM of 350, the same as high loft, this duvet is perfect for keeping you cosy all year round without being too heavy.

Best for - all year round use


High Loft

The same weight as our supreme soft duvet but with a slightly more traditional feel. Encased in Cotton Japara with a luxury 290 thread count, the high loft duvet uses a mixture of 8 microfibres as opposed to down for a hypoallergenic yet insulating quilt for all year round.

Best for - all year round use


Bamboo Blend

With a 60% Bamboo fill and Bamboo Cotton Cover, this quilt is lightweight and hypoallergenic and perfect for the hotter sleepers. The natural thermoregulating properties of bamboo make it great in adjusting to your body temperature at the same time as having a super soft and lightweight feel.

Best for - Hotter sleepers and summer months


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