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  The secret to success is a good night’s sleep! - Gregory Davidson               

Director of George Street Linen.              

Davidson’s obsession began in the Louvre, Paris where he was privileged to access the textile treasures of Europe. Captivated by weaves of intrigue and craftsmanship of the past, he was inspired to a career in fabric.

In the fashion houses of New York, Davidson became a recognised textile designer of distinction. After fifteen years, he was headhunted and appointed Creative Director for Sheridan Sydney, Australia.

Now based in Shanghai, as an independent designer and consultant, Davidson places himself on the frontier of textile manufacturing, and global trend. In China, he develops his own designs and facilitates the manufacture of innovative products for textile design houses around the world.

As an industry leader, Davidson’s knowledge of the factories of China ensures a product that engenders the trust and confidence of his clients. To streamline client service Davidson has established offices in his homeland New Zealand and Australia.

For Davidson, George Street Linen is a dynamic platform for personal passion and a dedication to the best the world can offer!






Davidson’s mantra defines the design imperative. George Street Linen boasts a seductive array of fitted sheets, quilts, duvet covers, pillows, pillowcases, bathmats and throws.

Classic chic and contemporary style, reflect Davidson’s amazing aesthetic and acute eye for colour and texture.

Created with natural fibres and state of the art technologies these exquisite weaves breathe with the body and nourish the soul. 




I could not possibly do, all the things I do, without my fantastic team! 

- Gregory Davidson               

Director of George Street Linen.              

Indeed, Davidson is a man on the move, from his design desk he drives offices across three nations, and spins the teams of production, logistics, packaging, finance, marketing and online client services.

Davidson’s personal touch makes things work. One has the overwhelming sense that he cares. Certainly his passion, genteel manner and generosity, inspires the complex cross-cultural team.

When one drops into a Davidson office there is a hum of activity and good humour, team morale is high!

‘We are a small team really, we all work really hard!’ Davidson smiles, ‘But you know what? At the end of the day, when we slip into our sheets, we know, we are in something absolutely fabulous!’

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