Our Sheets

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Here are some points which make George Street Linen stand out from the crowd.

Our Yarn

Our sheets at George Street Linen use only long staple 100% cotton fibres.
Using long staple cotton is ideal as when yarn is spun using longer fibres it produces the strongest and finest cotton which means little or no pilling.

As these yarns are stronger and finer they produce extremely smooth and supple weaves.
We are also using the finest size of yarn available for sheeting (60’s, 80’s and 100’s), similar to what is used in luxury shirting fabrics to give you a smoother and lighter result.

Our long staple fibers
Short staple fibers

Our Weaves

Both our weaves are 100% Cotton but they are distinctly different in texture.

The crisp perscale

The Crisp Percale at George Street Linen we have chosen is an extremely fine percale weave. Percale is a very balanced weave, one-yarn-over and one- yarn-under, similar to a basketweave resulting in a matte finish with a cool & crisp feel. Lightweight, breathable and guaranteed to give you the best comfort.

Exceptionally durable this sheet just gets better and better with every wash. Great for summer and also for warmer sleepers.

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The Soft Sateen we have constructed is also using superfine yarns, 60’s & 100’s, woven as a traditional sateen, one-yarn-under and three-yarns-over, resulting in more yarns on the surface. This creates a luminous finish with a warm and buttery soft feel. Washed finish. Super for year-round comfort.

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Our finishing compliance

We use the best finishing equipment available. This is the final step before we cut and sew the fabric into finished products and includes dyeing, washing and shrinking supervised by our team of professionals who thoroughly control the process from start to finish monitoring all aspects of the manufacture.

All products pass the Oeketex Certification for harmful chemicals and we operate under the guidance of Sedex social responsibility.

Thread Count

Higher “thread counts” don’t mean you are buying a better quality sheet. In Australia & New Zealand thread counts are the number of yarns per 10cm square, and branding goods with “Thread Count” began as a clever marketing idea in the USA. The advertising of thread count as quality is a total misconception and has been promoted by the retailers of linens since the 1990’s similar to labels like ‘low fat ‘ & ‘organic’ on other products.