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Why A Waffle Cotton Blanket & Throw Is A Special Treat!

If you are an average joe, then you are most likely luxuriating in bed for eight hours daily, which equates to two thousand nine hundred and twenty hours annually - and for a good part of the year, that includes a blanket. If you’re lucky, it’s a cotton blanket from NZ. And when you buy cotton blankets, that same blanket could be for snuggling in front of the TV or fireplace or keeping you snug on your verandah when you are watching the stars with a glass vino.

Qualities You Get When You Buy Cotton Blankets in NZ 

A great blanket traps heat, keeps you warm and doesn’t weigh a ton! You can carry it to the verandah in one arm with your glass of Chardonnay in the other. 

No more massive, puffy bed covers that run the risk of a death-defying trip as you struggle to the verandah and then knock over the bottle of wine.

No more useless, pseudo fluffy “blankets” which look cosy but feel like you have nothing wrapped around you.

You might suspect the warming abilities of a cotton waffle blanket because you are used to big, voluminous, inconvenient bed covers. Cotton has a long history as a superb yarn for high-end clothing and decor pieces. Yes, thin cotton is light and breezy, but by changing the density and the weave, a whole lot of warmth occurs.

The Secret Powers Of Cotton Blankets

Cotton is a phenomenal natural fibre that is beautiful, durable, comforting and versatile - the earth’s gift to humanity. Our cotton waffle weave blankets are exceptionally durable with premium weave techniques that enhance their longevity. 

The benefit of the waffle was not for aesthetic reasons. It delivers the feeling of a thick blanket at a fraction of the weight. The “waffle” has a thicker outline per square, and it temporarily captures heat into each little square pocket, slowing down the passage of air so that it creates a warming layer around you. Simultaneously, it lets the air slowly move as the fabric is highly breathable, so you don’t get a sweaty heat. 

Do you kick your blankets off during the night? Probably because they are not breathable enough and not good at regulating your body temperature.

A woven cotton waffle blanket and throw will regulate your temperature for longer, giving you a better quality sleep - and that is priceless!

Last word? They look absolutely fabulous on your bed and will give your interior a high-end finishing touch.

Buy cotton blankets in NZ 

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