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For the dreamiest night’s sleep, indulge yourself with sheets made from long-staple natural fibres. Each style suiting to whatever season, or style of sleeper you may be. Lightweight, breathable and incredibly soft sheets made to last and keep you well-rested night after night. 

What's long-staple mean?

Oeko-Tex Certified

Wide Collection of King Pillowcases in New Zealand

From different colours and patterns to different textures and fabrics, you will find a wide selection of king pillowcases in our range, including linen pillowcase options, with delivery available anywhere in NZ. We have options to suit all budgets too. One thing is common with each product in our range, though – they are high-quality and made with natural fibres. Browse our range of king pillowcases today.

Linen Pillowcase in NZ

For many people, linen is the ultimate luxury in fabrics. We use Belgian Linen that is made from flax plants in Europe. It is sustainable and highly durable, as well as being comfortable, soft, and breathable.

Bamboo Cotton Pillowcases

Bamboo cotton makes for an interesting alternative to pure cotton pillowcases. It is affordable while being luxuriously smooth. It is also wonderfully soft while also being hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial. It is breathable, too, and it doesn't hold odours. Plus, it looks fantastic, whatever colour or style option that you choose.

Bamboo Linen Pillowcases

Similar to bamboo cotton pillowcases, bamboo linen pillowcases are a blend – this time a blend of bamboo and linen. The linen is Belgian Linen, one of the finest in the world. The bamboo is Moso Bamboo, a highly sustainable type of bamboo. As for sleeping on a bamboo linen pillowcase – you can expect all year-round comfort at an affordable price.

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