4 benefits to sleeping on flax linen.

    Sleeping on flax linen
    While linen can require a significant upfront investment to get set up, the fabric
    will last for a long period of time and only get better with age.
    Here's a few reasons why  Linen bedding is such a great investment.


    Because of its inherent elasticity, linen preserves its form, and linen is twice as durable compared to wool and cotton. However, unlike its counterparts, the more it is used and cleaned, it gradually softens and becomes more comfortable.


    Linen is an anti-static, anti-bacterial and serves as a natural insulator.
    Which means that it has temperature management properties and keeps
    you cool in summer and warm in winter, without overheating.
    Sleeping on flax linen

    Year round comfort

    Linen is the perfect trans-seasonal bedding solution. It dries fast and
    acts as an effective anti-perspirant during the warmer months.
    Linen can be literally weighted 20-fold by moisture, making
    it the perfect material for a clean and uninterrupted sleep.

    Looks great with little to no effort needed

    Linen is renowned for the way it effortlessly finishes a room, thanks to its natural fibres. It creases, yes, but that crushed, timeless appearance is all part of the aesthetic. Effortlessly fitting into anyones dreamy master-suite. Not to mention our range comes with zip closures making it so easy to put on and off! 
    Explore our linen range today!
    Sleeping on flax linen

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