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Choosing the Perfect Cotton Duvet Covers for Your Home

There comes a time where you simply need to spoil yourself with a new duvet cover set, and there is no better material when it comes to bedding than cotton! Cotton bedding is soft, durable, and luxurious, and is ideal for the master bedroom, kids’ rooms, or guestroom.

Here at George Street Linen, we are the experts when it comes to cotton duvet covers in NZ, and in this article we’ll help you with choosing the ideal duvet cottons for your home.


Size is one of those things that you really have to get right. If you buy a duvet cover that is too small for your duvet, your duvet can look clumpy, and may be difficult to make your bed. Check the size of your duvet cover and your bed before buying any bedding. If you really feel like spoiling yourself why not spoil yourself with a brand new duvet at the same time?

Type of Cotton

Cotton refers to anything that is made of any type of cotton blend and weaves. Here at George Street Linen, we offer the following different types of cotton:

  • Cotton percale- Our cotton percale duvet covers are more affordable than linen but still have that linen feel. The high-quality percale weave creates a material that is cool and crisp. The finish is matte, stylish, and completely classic.
  • Jersey cotton- jersey cotton is another very popular material. It is known to be super comfortable and ages well.
  • Bamboo cotton- Bamboo cotton is a material that makes use of a blend of bamboo fibre and cotton fibres. It is celebrated for being hypoallergenic, ant-fungal, and sustainable.
  • Cambric cotton- Pure cotton with a textured weave for a super soft feel. Definitely a popular choice.


The colour you choose for your duvet cover is very important. If you are only buying a duvet cover, and no matching pillowcases, you want to ensure that you do already have pillowcases that will be complementary to your new duvet cover. It is safe to stick to neutral colours but it is always fun to purchase a print or colour that you are really drawn to and feels a little different.

Are you looking to purchase quality cotton duvet covers in NZ? Here at George Street Linen we have a wide range of different cotton duvet covers, sheets, and pillowcases. Browse our website and spoil yourself with soft and durable bedding from our range. Get in touch with us should you have any questions.

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