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Super Pile Towels – The Luxury of Nature

Super Pile Towels – The Luxury of Nature

Our super pile towels are just all-towel. It’s sort of ironic that they’re special, considering their uniqueness lies in their pure towel nature. They embody the essence of what a towel should be - simple, big, soft, and absorbent. Learn more about what makes our range of towels and bathroom linen sets exceptional below!

Comfort & Quality Without the Extra Fluff

You may be surprised, but our towels don't have decorative borders. Why? Because that reduces the space for our plush super pile. George Street Linen takes out the excess so we can focus on making the quality better. You don't need borders to dry and pamper your body - what you need is a towel that does the work of drying and pampering; it's that simple. Simplifying our approach enables us to utilise the best materials and processes to create the George Street Linen quality towel.

Natural Fibre Towels for Pleasant Texture

Towel weight, grams per metre, is the accepted international indicator of towel quality. Our towels exceed 700GSM, meaning they're in the top range of towels available anywhere in the world. They're made with the best long-staple cotton fibres that offer excellent breathability, absorbency, chemical-free, and durability. Bathrobes and towels of this quality sometimes take longer to dry, but our loop weave pile guarantees utmost softness and quick drying capabilities.

Elegant Colour Range to Match Your Style

Another vital factor that makes George Street Linen cotton towels special is the colour range. Whether you are using kitchen hand towels, bath sheets, or standard towels, you'll have various options for colour. We know that towel colours often set the mood for our home wellness centres or bathrooms. This is why our range of twelve colours strives to accommodate every style. From the boldness of Banana and Adobe to the serviceability of Cedar, Coal, Indigo, and Olive through to the limpid shades of Frost, Rose, Sand, Seafoam, Sky and Snowy White, we have beautiful colours to match your mood and lifestyle.

All colours in our range are inspired by nature, making every colour work with every other colour. Our colour range is another testament to the quality of our towels because high GSM towels are better at absorbing dyes.

Make it Simple and Special with George Street Linen Towels

Simplicity is often the greatest form of luxury. Wrapping yourself in nature's embrace in the form of our all-towel super pile cotton towels is to experience the luxury of nature. Whether you need a bath sheet, standard towel, or kitchen hand towel, you can experience the luxury of nature through George Street Linen Products. 

In addition to our luxury towels, we have a full range of high-quality bed linen in NZ, including duvet covers, pillowcases, and more. Shop our full range online today!

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