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Summer  Breeze and Ease

Summer Breeze and Ease

Summer. It’s a time to be simple and day dream. To help wind down the body and wind up the brain. I like books, big picture books. Ones that delight, astound and inspire by looking at how people shape their own homes and environments. 

I’ve been dipping into Soil to Table by the Land Gardeners who are Henrietta Courtauld and UK-based Kiwi Bridget Elworthy. The Land Gardeners are well known exponents of biodynamic gardening and for establishing a successful business supplying cut flowers. What I loved about Soil to Table was it joined-upness, it’s not a classic gardening book, nor a traditional food book. It’s full of ideas and images that connect both of those worlds: it is as beautiful and pleasurable as is the connection between good gardening and good food. Gardening chapters are followed by chapters on food with recipes for simple nourishing food. All being illustrated with beautiful photos of Wardington, the property they run their garden business from, and paintings by a British artist.

The other book I’ve relished is Rooms. It’s a New Zealand book with images of rooms in NZ houses by eminent photographer Jane Ussher and architectural writer, John Walsh. Some rooms are contemporary, some traditional and many are wonderful mixes of both. Turning the pages what is evident is just how much thought and time the owners have put into creating nurturing environments through their decisions about colour, texture, objects and connections. My mind wandered back to Soil to Table, which makes the point that in order to get the deep nourishment of real beauty and flavour you have to start with the basics. New Year Resolution. This year I’m only bringing things into my own environment that are made sustainably and are beautiful because I know that is what will nourish me.  Of course,  George Street Linen is always top of my list.

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