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Should Your Bed Change With the Seasons?

Should Your Bed Change With the Seasons?

While we’re not quite ready to bring out our winter duvets yet, Autumn is here and along with it cooler nights and shorter days. 

As we transition to colder weather, we at George Street Linen like to take the opportunity to refresh our bedding. Here's our guideline of what to consider for your bed as the seasons change.

Choose warm colours

In summer we tend to opt for light, bright colours. Transitioning to a warmer colour palette for your bed creates a cosy atmosphere as the chill descends. Choose a bold colour, or a neutral linen for a softer change.

Layer with throws  

In a transitional season throw blankets offer additional warmth but also flexibility for those unseasonably warm nights.

Transition to softer fabrics

While we personally love the freshness of cotton percale all year round, a change to a softer cosier material such as cotton jersey will make your bed feel warmer, while still providing breathability essential to a healthy sleep.

Add some texture

Choose printed bedding to add some natural texture to your bed and give it a new look to mark the seasonal change.

Update your pillows

One of the great pleasures of the colder months is rainy mornings in a cosy bed, drinking coffee and reading a book. Add some European pillows to enhance the experience.


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