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Cosy Cotton Jersey Sheets - meet the new colourways!

Cosy Cotton Jersey Sheets - meet the new colourways!


Winter is a superb time to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. Compliment your George Street linen with our cosy Cotton Jersey Sheets. A little history for you. The word jersey is commonly associated with warm woollen pull overs and its origin comes from the island of Jersey in the English Channel. Today, it is most commonly made from cotton and is most often used in T Shirts and underwear. It is the way that our pure cotton jersey sheets are knitted with long staple 100% pure organic cotton that makes our cotton jersey sheets so cosy and warm. The long staple cotton produces the strongest and finest finish which means little or no pilling.


If you are looking to buy bedding set and are looking for something to match your cosy cotton jersey sheets? You could add a touch of class with linen duvet covers NZ, mulberry silk pillowcases, a flat sheet, or a fitted sheet. You could also either match colours or mix it up with some of the five exciting cosy cotton jersey sheet colours.


Not only are our cotton jersey sheets cosy but you can ‘sleep well because they are sustainable’. Along with their environmentally gentle characteristics they come in five stylish colours - pink cameo, biscuit stripe, grey marle, grey stripe and sophisticated onyx. Mixing and matching our quality bedding set in George Street Linen Cotton Jersey will give you a great night’s sleep. In the winter there is nothing better than an early night snuggling amongst cosy cotton jersey sheets.

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