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5 Tips To Keep Calm Whilst Staying At Home

5 Tips To Keep Calm Whilst Staying At Home

Keep Calm Whilst
It looks as though we will be staying in for a bit. With that in mind, we’ve put together 5 tips to help you through the 14 day self-isolation.


1.Clean out and organise

It has never been a better time to clean out and organise all those spaces throughout your home that you have been putting off! Clean out your bathroom cabinet, put up those curtains, set your dishwasher and washing machine on their cleaning cycle and get your space looking and feeling fresh!

Also, set up your at-home workspace. Having a space designated to work and play within your space helps you stay on track, and lets everyone at home know what you're up to. 


2. Call your friends & family

A lot of us avoid phone calls. But it's that time in "who wants to be a millionaire?" and opt. to ‘phone a friend.’ We all need to support one another right now and there’s nothing like hearing a friendly voice - and no, Siri or Alexa don’t count! 


3.Finish that TV series or finish that book. 

Movie night! There are so many tv series to re-watch/catch up on via Stan, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Also, finish up your night with some light reading. It helps with unwinding and getting you to sleep faster!


4. Pamper yourself

Face masks, hair masks. Just mask your entire body! There’s no time like the present to turn your bed/bath into a day spa. Cleanse your mind (and face) in style. If you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous robe to wear we’ve got one! Check it out.


5.  Keep calm and catch up on some rest. 

We couldn’t recommend a healthy sleep pattern more during this time at home. Set yourself time to wake up and be active around your home, and time to unwind and rest. We’ve got the perfect duvet set and pillows to turn your bedroom into one dreamy escape! 


Stay safe, keep calm and carry on the best you can. We can all help one another to get through this time at home. 

Feel free to check out more of our Journal here.

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